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What is Happening: English / Icelandic

Concept of KIOSK 108

 is an independent Art Project,
dedicated to the growth of Culture,
Music & Art in Seyðisfjörður, ICELAND.


Monika Fryčová & NO PANIC EHF.
presents LIVE events / September 2023 / at KIOSK 108 in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland.

Friday, September 8 AT 19:00 !!

Roni Szabo LIVE ! 

Fast rhythms and a taste for the vintage scene. “Szabomanband” takes you on a musical journey into the world of Balkan, swing, blues grass and country. You have the feeling you were listening to the radio or a vinyl in the 60s.

Roni Self-taught, first participating in projects and musical groups in Brazil and then Europe, based in Portugal.

Do not miss our last concert for this season!🔥 

Wednesday, AUGUST 30 AT 19:00 !!!

ATAXÍA . live music from Greece

Ataxía are passionate the last 12 years with the old rebetika and traditional recipes of the eastern Mediterranean, being in the western Mediterranean. Being aware of social issues and supporting minorities, they compose and sing their own songs that are included in their two albums (Música del submón, 2017 & Ataxía, 2021)
Listen >>>
They sing about marginalized social groups, loves, the seas that unite peoples and the invisibility of borders.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10 AT 15:00 / Morjane Ténéré !!!

Morjane Ténéré @morjanetenere
is a Paris based singer-songwriter inspired by folk, blues, Native American and Northern African traditional music.
She wears the name “Ténéré” as a talisman. In Tamasheq, a Tuareg language, “Ténéré” means desert. Morjane has given more than 200 concerts in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Armenia, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Iceland,
She is playing with French and Icelandic musician Christian Helgi Beaussier on piano, guitar and flute. more info :
🔥 🔥 🔥

Friday, August 4 at 19:00 !!! RAVE ON ROAD!

SPANISH duo Cristóbal Galán & Pedro Saz 
special live music for @kiosk108iceland
“þetta reddast”
Everyone welcome !!!!

KIOSK 108 is independent art project dedicated to the growth of the culture, music and art !!!!
More info @kiosk108iceland /

20 – 22 July / 17:00

Psychedelic Rock 
+ DJ Show by Issy Kareoki 
band from Venezuela / Spain / Portugal 

Psychedelic band Shag Fu. was formed in Venezuela decade ago. Issy Kareoki: Vocals, Guitar, Synths & Sequences Monty: Guitar /Orlo: Bass /Nikopolo: Drums
They produced two albums Nani ? ! and Two Demos
Shag Fu recorded live at StoneBox studios in Barcelona 2020. /YouTube

14 July / 17:00

Pole Dance with Erotic Electronic Music
Germany / Iceland

Apex Anima & FRZNTE perform a highly energetic audio-visual show, mixing live music, pole dance, visuals and lazers. Apex Anima plays her most recent electronic gems, collected on her far-reaching, interdimensional road trips, mined with careful ethereal labour. FRZNTE combines pole dancing with tech noir aesthetics, creating a dream-like experience that celebrates the human body and elevates female empowerment. Together they merge the astral with the physical, the platonic with the erotic and the static with the acrobatic.

12 July / 17:00

Techno Avantgarde Punk 
Duo from London / UK

, an electronic alternative indie band hailing from London, has built a reputation for their explosive and unpredictable live shows. Their music pulsates with fast and heavy beats, encompassing a searching sound that resonates deeply. With their mesmerizing performances, FAT CONCUBINE seamlessly fuses electronic elements and indie vibes with the spirit of punk, delivering an unforgettable experience for their audience.

5 July / 19:30

band from Stöðvarfjörður / IcelandSárasótt



Kiosk 108 in action

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Panel 1

Old former captain cabin “Styrishús” transformed into new original KIOSK 108

–   architectural, philosophical concept / platform for art and culture,
with extra function of street food vendor

  • location (historic part of Seyðisfjörður near lagoon) as a crucial  reminder for locals (Icelanders) and outsiders (foreigners, travellers, guests)
  • new experience : “local” versus “outsider” – reshaping of public consciousness through landscapes and architecture
  • focus on preservation of the fishing cultural heritage and fresh dynamic image of the town

–   awaking old tradition,  innovating “something” what is missing 

Old captain cabin “Styrishús” of the Icelandic fishing boat : Friðrik Sigurðsson from the 1969, has been transformed into new original KIOSK 108 as a performance project, art sculpture with extra function of street food vendors. 

Stýrishús” (KIOSK 108) has been recognised as a treasure of Seyðisfjörður but has been sadly abandoned for decades in peripheral location. 

In summer 2021, KIOSK 108 was moved into the historic part of the town, to the already existing walking path, but which is seldom used. 

The main idea is structuring new social space, near the lagoon, centered through architecture.  

The Boathouse as a gallery in the larger gallery that is Seyðisfjörður, in the larger gallery that is Iceland.

Venture for various events, music, theater, visual arts, but also commercial enterprise. KIOSK 108 will emphasize sea food courses, hot dogs and ice /cream, coffee and soft drinks.

At the moment the object is in the process of construction. 

Living on the edge with a beautiful view.

Panel 2

Before and now

Panel 3

Kiosk 108 in media

When the COVID situation came, I thought it’s very useless for me to sit behind my computer and wait to get sick. So, I started to think about how I can make public art for outsiders and local people, to make something meaningful with this object. Monika answered in the interview for The National Icelandic TV RÚV.
Watch more

The small building located in Seyðisfjörður in East Iceland is meant to be a standing poem about time. The Grapevine news reported.
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Icelandic review highlighted that Monika is selling KIOSK 108 stickers and t-shirts to raise money for the project, which has also received a grant from Uppbyggingarsjóður Austurlands, the East Iceland Development Fund.
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Panel 4

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Art vs. Business
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Marc

The most incredible cool bar i‘ve ever seen. Unfortunately we could spend there only one night (20th of july, 2022). Thank you Monika for an unforgettable night at a very special place.

 by Sven

A beautiful art project, every piece of the kiosk has his own story what makes the place very beautiful. The host/artist Monica is a wonderful women with an amazing story!!

Go here!! Its an experience on itself!!

 by Katharina

unique original place- friendly service! we are excited 😍

 by João

Grandes fotos! Quero vir e tomar um café:)

Obrigada! Então, vem cá)

 by Michaela

Great project! Good luck!!!