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Old former captain cabin “Styrishús” transformed into new original KIOSK 108

–   architectural, philosophical  concept / platform for art and culture,
with extra function of street food vendor

  • location (historic part of Seyðisfjörður near lagoon) as a crucial  reminder for locals (Icelanders) and outsiders (foreigners, travellers, guests)
  • new experience : “local” versus “outsider” – reshaping of public consciousness through landscapes and architecture
  • focus on preservation of the fishing cultural heritage and fresh dynamic image of the town

–   awaking old tradition,  innovating “something” what is missing 

Old captain cabin “Styrishús” of the Icelandic fishing boat : Friðrik Sigurðsson from  the 1969, has been  transformed into new original KIOSK 108 as a performance project, art sculpture with extra function of street food vendors. 

Stýrishús” (KIOSK 108 ) has been recognised  as a treasure of Seyðisfjörður but has been sadly abandoned for decades in peripheral location. 

In summer 2021, KIOSK 108  was moved into the historic part of the town, to the already existing walking path, but which is seldom used. 

The main idea is structuring new social space, near the lagoon, centered through architecture.  

The Boathouse as a gallery in the larger gallery that is Seyðisfjörður, in the larger gallery that is Iceland.

Venture for various events, music, theater, visual arts, but also commercial enterprise. KIOSK 108 will emphasize sea food courses, hot dogs and ice /cream, coffee and soft drinks.

At the moment the object is in the process of construction. 

Living on the edge with a beautiful view.

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Kiosk 108 in media

When the COVID situation came, I thought it’s very useless for me to sit behind my computer and wait to get sick. So, I started to think about how I can make public art for outsiders and local people, to make something meaningful with this object. Monika answered in the interview for The National Icelandic TV RÚV.
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The small building located in Seyðisfjörður in East Iceland is meant to be a standing poem about time. The Grapevine news reported.
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Icelandic review highlighted that Monika is selling KIOSK 108 stickers and t-shirts to raise money for the project, which has also received a grant from Uppbyggingarsjóður Austurlands, the East Iceland Development Fund.
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Austurvegur 17 b (lagoon site)
Seyðisfjörður 710

No Panic ehf.
Monika Fryčová
phone : + 354 869 4224

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